Who Is Your Favorite Pornstar?

Hi guys! It’s too hot out there and I guess so is your bed too. And if not, let’s cry together. I can feel your pain. Being single feels pathetic, especially when you’re a person with high sex drive. Guys can still fap on porn videos and get a climax, but for girls, the pain is even worse. However, porn has acted like a savior in our dry days.


Before globalization took place in technical field, teenagers and sex starved people like us used to masturbate on nude pictures of models and porn stars. I’m sure we all have some personally favorite porn stars. Mine was Natasha Malkova and Owen Grey. Now it’s your turn to reveal your favorite porn actor or actress.


·       Blonde

If you are a blonde lover, I can make a rough guess. You just have to say whether it’s true or not! Is it Lana Rhoades BBC? Lana Rhoades is the goddess of seduction in my opinion. I don’t even bother if it’s fake or real, but just seeing her biting her lips while moaning gives me a true sensual satisfaction.


·       Interracial

Interracial porn has gained the popularity in recent years. A beautiful lady getting fucked by one or more black dudes gives chill to people who love interracial sex. And it’s not about the difference of complexion, but the great penis size. Big black cock or BBC is something you can only associate with African guys. That’s why free Interracial porn is such a popular porn genre now.


·       Latina

Another top-notch preference for guys is Latina babes. Top rated Latina porn actresses like Mia Malkova, Dani Daniel and Brandi Love has been ruling the porn industry and our hearts since the last two decades. You can watch their latest hardcore porn videos on Brandi Love BBC.


So that is all for today. I hope it was a fun ride with me! See you with another interesting topic. Tata.