The Most Popular Myths and Facts About Cheating

Is it possible to live your whole life with one woman without ever cheating on her? What for? And is this good, is it not harmful to health, including the rest of society? Here is what experts think about this.


Despite the fact that the number of adultery has long exceeded the number of marriages, society still pretends to consider adultery something outrageous. Ninety percent of the radio air is filled with lyrical groans on the topic "Well, how could you?" I found out …

Perhaps this article will help to finally give an assessment of this phenomenon, as ancient as the world. With the help of our selected experts, we will analyze the most popular theses about cheating and try to confirm or deny them. And then the next time you wake up in bed with a lady you are acquainted with from Live porn you will be able to correctly assess it and calm down.

Cheating is a sign that something is wrong in a relationship

Some kind of nonsense. What does the relationship have to do with when you were just having sex? Everything in your personal life is wonderful, you live with the best woman in the world. It's just that sometimes (not so often) you want to have sex with someone else. This happens to everyone and does not signal anything.

Nevertheless, scientists at the University of Göttingen (Germany) for some reason believe that this thesis is one hundred percent accurate. They, you see, have studied statistics for ten years (instead of, like all decent scientists, try on themselves) and now they are absolutely sure that 86% of men and 94% of women who are truly satisfied with their sex and personal life never cheat on their regular partners. And the longing for freedom begins only when something goes wrong in sex or relationships. Moreover, if in men the trigger mechanism for betrayal is most often the lack of sex, then for women the most important factor is the inattention and indifference of the partner. Unfortunately, it's true.

Men are worse at forgiving betrayal than women

Of course. Because for centuries we have been tormented by doubts: “Is it my son, this dear baby who is now playing with the keys to my Mercedes? Or is he a usurper, a foundling brought in by a milk stork in its not yet torn beak? " Even though there are contraceptives and DNA tests now, you cannot easily get rid of thousands of years of paranoia. This is confirmed by the polls conducted in 2005 by the international editorial staff of Elle magazine in 26 European countries, the USA, and Canada.

According to this survey, 71% of men and only 42% of women said that cheating on their partner would automatically mean the end of the relationship. However, according to Donna Meerson, it is one thing to make loud statements, and another to get into a difficult situation. According to her personal experience, the data obtained can be safely divided into two. However, she agrees that women are much more likely to forgive than men.

The one who cheats once will cheat again

The main thing here is to start, and then it will go automatically: the barrier has already been destroyed, there is nothing to lose. In general, the GEWIS studies agree with this thesis: out of 100 people who cheated on their half, 94 did it repeatedly, and 84 with different partners.

But here's a curious moment: when you cheat your permanent partner, the standard of behavior also changes. Anyone who has never betrayed his previous one may well go all out. Conversely, a malicious traitor at the first constant girlfriend has a good chance to turn into an exemplary family man at the second.

Open relationship

And it is impossible to solve this tedious question, which is more important - love or freedom, in a less drastic way? After all, there are couples who live together and at the same time do not interfere with their halves to have sex on the side. They just honestly agree that everyone will walk to the left a little, but be sure to protect themselves.


Already mentioned by us, Dr. Hans Jellushek, the author of a number of best-selling relationship problems, argues that the prospects for couples living in free marriages are not very bright. According to statistics, such unions (which were very popular in the 70s and 80s) break up much more often and faster than standard pairs. The reason is that there is no purely mechanical sex. Even if this is a virtual meeting with professional performers from Free sex cam  good sex will still create a relationship of mutual sympathy between you. And if this meeting is repeated a couple of times, then you can reach the feeling of belonging to each other - the most terrible thing for an existing marriage.


Sooner or later, one of the members of a free couple will surely meet a person who will be able to raise the degree of this intimacy to such an extent that he will break the old family ties. And responsibility for a nice little outsider girl with whom you had Live sex and who looks at you with loving eyes and whispers that you are her everything will become more important for you than responsibility for a constant partner who spends time with other men and clearly needs you less.

Incidentally, this applies not only to men.

The woman, too, will eventually settle on a partner who is ready to devote himself completely to her, and not throw himself over others. According to the personal observations of Dr. Jellushek, a free form of marriage is more or less successfully realized in those couples who have long been connected not by sex, but by the joint property, common children, houses, and factories. This, of course, strengthens the family a lot. Although low-income couples professing an open relationship often live happily ever after, including with other partners.