Enhance realism with your sex doll

1. Merge sex dolls with Pornhub videos.

For added excitement, consider incorporating your sex doll into your porn video experience.

Place your sex doll where the actress appears in the video, trying to synchronize your movements with the action on the screen. This immersive approach can turn your fantasies into reality!

Use your imagination and intuition to take your experience to new heights!

Judith from SexDollPartner.com

2. Match the sex doll with sexy clothes.

If you like to dress your dolls in seductive outfits, explore options like elegant clothing, lingerie, or jewelry.

Many suppliers offer tailor-made clothing options for full-size sex dolls, browse the options available to find the right outfit.

If you can't find the right outfit from your doll supplier, explore other retailers as many online stores carry a variety of sizes. Keep in mind that sizes may vary from store to store, so choose carefully to ensure the right fit for your sex doll. 

Avoid items that are too cheap or synthetic, as well as dark-colored clothing that may bleed and stain the doll's skin, especially TPE sex doll.

Danica from SexDollPartner.com

3.Introduce perfume.

Add an extra touch of glamor by infusing your doll with a seductive scent.

To preserve the integrity of your life size sexdoll, do not spray perfume directly onto your sex doll's skin. Instead, apply perfume to your clothes and hair for a longer-lasting effect.

4. Maintain hair

Brush your sex doll's wig regularly to keep it looking its best. Synthetic wigs can be washed with shampoo or detergent, and fabric softener is ideal as a conditioner.

Avoid over-washing, as this may cause damage unless the wig is severely tangled.

Changing a sex doll's hairstyle can be a fun activity similar to dressing up. Consider purchasing wigs in different colors and lengths for added versatility, allowing you to easily change the look of your sex doll.