Anal Sex – The Right Way To Do It!

For many couples, anal sex is still a taboo thing. However, if you can perform anal sex properly, you can rest assured it can be the most pleasurable activity of your life. But, most people don’t understand how to have anal sex correctly.

The source of their knowledge about anal sex is the porn industry. They will go to porn sites and look at porn pics and come to the conclusion that this type of sexual activity is painful because of the reactions of the pornstars in the industry in those sex pics with their tits hanging. But, if you want to enjoy the pleasure of anal sex, then here is how you should approach it.

Gather Knowledge

You should know that most men and women still have zero knowledge about anal sex. So, if you want to enjoy anal sex with your partner try to gather as much knowledge about it as you can.

Take Consent

To enjoy anal sex properly, both partners need to have the full consent of each other. Sex is not only a physical activity but also an activity of the mind. So, having that consent will help you and your partner to get on board with the idea of having anal sex.

Use Lubes

The anus doesn’t have any natural lubricants. Therefore, you have to lubricate it from the outside. That is why it is important to use lubes before penetrating the anus. Using lubes generously will make anal sex more pleasurable than ever for both partners.

Final Thoughts

Finally, you have to keep in mind that using lube is the most important thing if you want to work on the anus. Even if it is lesbian anal banging, the lube is the most important thing to make anal sex feel good. So, follow these measures to have anal sex the right way.