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How to masturbate for girls on

With the blooming webcam industry, there are more and more beautiful women who decided to turn on their cameras and show the world how the love to masturbate! Some could say that the camming industry is slowly taking over, because they offer something new and unpredictable.

The porn videos tend to be rather similar to one another, so you already know what to expect. When you know what to expect, there is no element of surprise, or no happy accidents that might make you a lot more interested in the video and a lot hornier in general.

Well, that completely changes with the camming industry. Here you have loads of amateur girls and men doing all kinds of naughty acts on live cams, and thus you can expect the unexpected. On top of that, there are many great websites that you can check out, such as!

Browse through thousands of beautiful women!

Are you ready to feast your eyes upon thousands of gorgeous girls? Well, all the beauties listed on are here to have some dirty fun, and they would be more than happy to provide you with the right masturbation material!

The first thing you should do is simply browse through until you find a woman who suits your taste perfectly. With so many different hotties, that should not be an issue. You are bound to find just the right babe, and when you do, your masturbation sessions are going to be a lot hotter!

Sometimes, you can run into two girls hosting the same live cam show, as they pleasure each other during the live cam show. Of course, the girls you can choose from are all different, you have babes of all shapes as well as legal age; so you can see the cute tiny teen girls, as well as the mature MILFs!

Masturbate to cute girls

A great aspect of visiting a wicked cam website is that you can interact with the cutie you will masturbate to. This allows you to introduce yourself, have a conversation and ask her to do naught things for you. Well, if that sounds like something you’d love to be a part of, you should definitely think about visiting

As for those who would love to go a step further, think about a private cam session. Imagine being able to narrate your perfect masturbation show… well, that is what the private webcam session is all about. In most cases, the beauties will be happy for you to turn on your camera as well, so you can watch each other while masturbating.

It is actually very simple; browse through plethora of gorgeous women, choose a girl who suits your taste and send her a message. You can choose to masturbate to all the beauties during their live cam shows, along with all the other viewers, or you can invite them to a private webcam session, turn on your cam and enjoy something a lot dirtier. The girls at are at your service! 

The Future of Porn is Called SWAG

The future of porn is called SWAG, but we’ll forgive you if you never heard of

the site until today. In the world of adult content, like many facets of the

entertainment industry, ‘Eastern’ and ‘Western’ media rarely cross that great

invisible divide between these two conceptual areas. Whether this is due to

language or geography is a question best left for another time. What can be

said is this Taiwan-based adult website is on the verge of breaking onto the

global stage. Wildly ambitious? Yes. But perhaps also inevitable.

While the current climate of a global pandemic has pushed people to stay

inside more and more, adult camming and flix sites are thriving. Users can’t

get enough of the minute to minute updates, and content creators are

flocking to join the ranks of the modern, self-directed and independent porn

stars. Enter SWAG, which for the past four years has rapidly grown to

become Asia’s leading adult site, actively pushing back against even more

stigma than exists in say, North America and Europe. Now with over 2 billion

visits per month, and not a single pixelated genital in sight, SWAG and its

army of hot creators called Swaggers are ready to dominate your eyeballs.

SWAG’s uniqueness lies not only in its ability to cross a cultural divide. The

site itself is unique across the industry, seamlessly blending adult content

and social media in a way that will leave you hooked and happy. Not only

can members unlock videos and watch live streams, they can also view

‘stories’, send voice messages and chat in real time with Swaggers.

In an effort to spread some joy in these uncertain times, and to give you a

little taste of the future of porn, SWAG has released a sweet little easter egg

you won’t want to miss out on. Once you’ve signed up as a member for free,

click the SWAG logo on the homepage seven (7) times and you’ll unlock all

the videos on the site. This won’t last forever so make sure you jump on this

while it’s still available.

SWAG, you had us at nihao.

Fortnite Porn and Cartoon Porn are Breaking the Internet

Fortnite Porn and Cartoon Porn are Breaking the Internet

Once upon a time, cartoon porn was deemed to geeky for people to admit they were watching it. However, today’s sexualised pop culture has meant a revival for the industry. 

Sex is everywhere, one way or the other, especially if you have a kinky eye for things. We are living a golden era for the genre where popular tv shows and videogames are inspiring artists to produce high-quality cartoon porn content. What used to be a belittled form of sex entertainment is now a trending topic in places like Pornhub.

Today, cartoon porn is a massive part of pornography. It remains as one of the top-searched terms, getting over 800,000 searches per month in the United States alone. With time, different styles have become popular within the genre, including comics, 3D porn videos and, of course, hentai.

People are obsessed with cartoon porn for a variety of reasons. The most obvious one - it brings to the screen elements that regular porn cannot. Only cartoon porn can present you with 3 girls and a tentacled-beast having sex on a spaceship. Forget morals, physics, science or even human nature: if you can imagine it, cartoon porn will make it happen.

Using this type of incredible set-ups for sex keeps things fresh and arousing. Whereas “real porn” is a prisoner of the same old routines and pornstars, cartoon porn offers an infinite array of elements to bring you sexual gratification, including bizarre fetishes (like BDSM, incest, abuse, rape, orgies or bestiality) and hyper-sexualised bodies.

 Fortnite Porn is Full of Royale Sex

In 2018, Fortnite ranked 15thon the list of most searched terms in Pornhub. To put this in context, more people wanted to jerk off to Fortnite porn than to all-time classics like “creampie” or “gangbang”. That is some achievement!

Over 125 million people have played the battle-royale sensation since its release. On top of that, roughly 550,000 people consume some form of Fortnite porn in the US every month.

Fortnite is all about skins - the avatars you can use in the game -  and there are hundreds of them. Some of these characters have stirred a tremendous sexual devotion thanks to their provocative curves and playful personalities. Skins like Lynx, Zoey, Catalyst or Calamity are some of the beautiful girls that gift Fortnite porn with its sex-appeal.

If you are still asking yourself why Fortnite Porn is so popular right now, you may need to experience it yourself. These are some of our top picks:

Fortnite Calamity is a Professional Dick-Rider

Exotic looks, playful personality and a thick body - Calamity is a cowgirl ready to milk your cock. She is a legendary skin available with Season 6 Battle Pass.

Do you like rodeos? Then you will love what Calamity can do on top of you. Her tanned skin, pink hair and busty breasts hypnotise your senses while she rides your dick fiercely.

Can you Resist Fortnite Zoey Porn?

Zoey’s green hair and flashy clothes reveal instantly she is not your average girl - she likes quirky things. She is an epic skin attainable with the Season 4 Battle Pass.

Despite her innocent looks, Zoey is a fan of BDSM and aggressive fucking. Memorable scenes in Fortnite porn videos depict her having rough sex in public places, facefucking strangers around the island and begging for cum. 

 Let’s be honest, who would not like to fuck that sweet face of hers!

 Sex with Catalyst is Too Dangerous

Talking about rebels and strong personalities, Catalyst is a badass girl who loves to dominate her partners and beat them into submission during sex. She is a legendary skin unlocked with Season X Battle Pass.

In Fortnite porn comics, Catalyst is often presented as a shemale with a massive dick. Other times, she is simply having lesbian sex with other Fortnite girls, like Red Ruby or Lynx. 

Catalyst is fully into female domination (femdom) and we cannot have enough of it.

Queen of Fortnite: Lyxn Porn is the Top Prize

Lynx is probably head and shoulders above all other girls in Fortnite porn. She is a legendary skin available with the Season 7 Battle Pass.

Everything about this girls is screams “legendary”, starting with her voluptuous ass. Numerous scenes in Fortnite porn comics and videos present other Fortnite skins fucking Lynx from behind and enjoying that incredible view. Doggy style and anal sex are her signature positions.

Lynx is also into lesbian sex and some filthy fetishes, like beastiality and shemales. 

Are you feeling horny now? So are we! Why not take a break from building and shooting to have an amazing fap watching Fortnite Porn?

The Most Popular Porn Categories Of 2020

This year took a turn for the worst very quickly and during most of the year, the entire world has been under lockdown. The lucky ones had someone to be with while other people had to spend time alone. This made people look for creative ways to get entertained and as it was expected, porn was the thing most people turned to when they were bored. Fortunately enough, there’s enough porn online to satisfy anyone over and over again although porn production has slowed down noticeably since the outbreak started.

When it comes to things people searched for regarding porn videos, some stand out in a sea of porn categories and kinky fetishes. You’ll get to see what people searched for the most, but we’ll go through a couple of things you never thought anyone would want to watch willingly.

Leasbian Porn

For a couple of years in a row, lesbian porn has been at the top of the list of searched terms in the porn world. Both men and women enjoy lesbian porn, because there are sexy and extremely attractive girls involved, but also because they last longer and they’re more adjusted for the female audience. 

It’s well known that women enjoy longer foreplay than any porn video shows and lesbian porn shows exactly that. It’s also an amazing porn category to watch with your partner because you can ask exactly what she likes from the things you see. Who knows a woman’s body better than another woman, right?

This porn category has a lot of variations. The girl-on-girl action can include a lot of sex toys, kissing, licking but also the use of strap-ons and other equipment. 

Amateur Porn

Amateur porn has become very popular lately, especially when high-quality cameras became affordable and anyone could record their kinky adventure with their smartphone. There are many couples and swingers out there who started recording themselves only to enrich their porn collection, but these videos quickly found their way to the most popular porn sites online. 

Amateur porn gives viewers something that professional porn can never do - unique shots and a real pleasure. Porn is considered to be of high quality when you can barely notice that they are acting. Amateur porn gives the authentic feel and usually makes people a lot more satisfied than classic mainstream porn. 

This category also has a wide variety of subcategories so you can encounter amateur threesome porn videos, amateur BDSM, or even full sex parties with dozens of people involved!

Threesome And Group Porn

satisfied by more than one man. There are many varieties of group porn and thankfully, there’s more porn out there than you can watch in a lifetime so you’ll easily find whatever it is you’re looking for!

Courtesan Porn

Courtesan porn is a relatively new porn category and has become popular almost overnight! Before the outbreak began, the escort scene was booming in all parts of the world, especially where it’s completely legal. You could find Latina escorts, ebony escorts, Asian, or even Scandinavian escorts in London for example. All the bigger cities have a vibrant escort scene and you can find any type of escort that would satisfy your wildest fantasies. 

Now, when the lockdown is active and when these kinds of services aren’t recommended by anyone, courtesan porn is the next best thing. There are thousands of videos featuring the world's hottest and most beautiful pornstars acting as exclusive escorts. Watching them dressing up and doing all the naughty things makes it easier to cope with these hard times we’re all facing.


MILF porn is a category that’s been available for a very long time and today’s MILFs are nothing like they were only a decade ago. Because cosmetic surgery has become affordable, you can find MILFs that look like teens with tight bodies and even tighter pussies. Some of the most popular pornstars out there are MILFs and their loyal fans watch their videos regularly. Some of the most popular pornstars that shoot MILF porn are Nicole Aniston, Lisa Ann, Kendra Lust, and many more.

Porn Categories You Didn’t Expect Someone Would Search For

The most popular porn categories are something most viewers enjoy, but there’s another side of porn you wouldn’t expect anyone to search for. The first category is very popular and it includes erotic illustrations. It’s called Hentai and Anime porn. 

These cartoon porn categories, when combined, are the most searched category of porn on the internet. Hentai and Anime, although illustrated porn, include the kinky and naughty things people fantasize about which aren’t possible in regular porn. This includes sex scenes with monsters, cartoon characters, different creatures, and scenarios that just can’t be replicated otherwise.

Another worthy mention is horror porn, which can be very

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