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Engage Him More With Your Pleasurable Footjob

You can do a few things to be ready before you even enter the bedroom to try out the new tactics, whether your spouse has a footjob fetish or you just want to try something different. Comparable to other kinks like BDSM or role play is a foot fetish. Some people merely want to adore the feet around them, while others like what the feet can do for them, such as sensuous massage footjobs. Being one of the most often fetishized body parts, feet are a more popular kink than some fetish people, like Sex Cam Models.


Lubricate for easy foot movement on cock

Skin rubbing against the skin causes friction, which may be unpleasant, especially if it goes on for a time, as it would during a footjob. Because of this, it's crucial to use the most excellent lubricant you can get. This lessens friction and makes it easier for your feet to pass over your partner's genitalia. A lubricant is a popular option because it contains healthful components that moisturize your skin and give you the highly smooth glide you need to please you. Before you begin, you might lubricate your foot or his penis.


Make him more horny by teasing him with all those sensual foot movements

You may get your lover in the mood by making jokes. You might ask him to wash your feet for you as you prepare your feet for the upcoming attraction. He can also watch you apply nail polish or wear stockings for a footjob. You may even tell him beforehand what you have in mind, making him anxious long before the fun starts.


Make him sexy by rhythmically moving your legs

The key to a successful foot job is how you move your legs. You will have a smooth range of motion and can continue for longer if you move your legs at the hip. If you move from the hips, you will become fatigued, but not as quickly. Have him do it if moving your legs this way makes you exhausted. Watching his muscles strain as he takes to your feet is seductive. Allowing him to do it also will enable him to go at his speed, allowing you to see what he enjoys.


The technique of keeping your feet together is the simplest for giving a footjob. Man always appears to like placing his penis where his toes and the balls of her feet meet in the crook of her feet. While there are various methods for giving a footjob, this one allows for a lot of toe wiggling.

How to Find Your Perfect Porn Content?

The world is filled with millions of adult websites, each trying to bring in more consumers. Many of them are incredibly addictive, but many are definitely not worth your time. Considering the sheer number of websites that exist, how can you know for sure which ones you should visit?

This is where sites like the Best List of Porn come into play! Did you know that there are websites solely dedicated to helping you find your perfect porn content? Well, Best List of Porn is one of the better ones, delivering goods left and right. It is filled with loads of interesting suggestions that’ll surely keep you on your toes. Here is what you need to know.

Everything is Categorized

With such a long list to deliver, having everything scattered on the screen can be incredibly confusing. Nobody wants a mess of a list. That is why, on BestListofPorn.com, everything is categorized according to the niche it delivers.

Plus, all the lists have straightforward names, so you’ll know exactly what to expect. For example, you can find lists dedicated only to free tubes, premium sites, amateur content, OnlyFans leaks, TikTok porn, games, etc. There are also lists dedicated to a certain ethnicity, porn acts, sexuality, etc.

Other than porn websites, you can also find lots of dating, galleries, stories, forums, torrents, and other interesting porn websites. So explore the best porn sites on these lists, and you’ll surely find something that intrigues you.

Free Informative Reviews

Why should you visit the websites that are suggested? They might not be your cup of tea, right? Well, that is why on the Best List of Porn, every website is reviewed. This gives users the ability to learn more about the websites before they choose to check them out.

The reviews are written in a way that everyone can understand them. They are not complicated and include all the important details. You’ll also get to see the overall vote on the websites, which come from the users of BestListofPorn.com. Of course, you do not have to read the reviews. You can skip that step and just continue to the websites instead!

Other Content

Although BestListofPorn mainly focuses on delivering the best list of pornographic websites, it does provide users with some other types of content. For example, there is a section dedicated to videos where you can find a couple of quality porn movies.

The blog section is filled with many interesting blogs you can read. There is also a link to Porn Discounts, where you get to grab many amazing discounts for some of the biggest names in the industry, such as Brazzers, BangBros, DogFart Network, and others.

If you are tired of endlessly searching for the perfect pornographic content online, let BestListofPorn.com do all the work for you. This porn list is dedicated to delivering only the best pornographic websites and even provides you with a review explaining why certain sites made the cut!

How To Engage Cuckold With Your Hot Husband

Guys who dream of sharing their partner with other guys are significantly more likely to have cuckolding fantasies than you might imagine. A lot of ladies also share this desire. You are interested in cuckolding, so your partner won't assume that this is why you could be interested in cuckolding. Most likely, none of you have ever been the victim of cuckolding. As a result, you ought to move cautiously at first. Both parties find it challenging to go headfirst into cuckolding since you must consider what you enjoy and don't like.


Do take it slow and idealize his desire

Sadly, many individuals idealize their desire to the point where they are shocked to have powerful, unexpected emotions when they attempt to make their vision a reality. Watching porn on Xrares together, having your partner webcam or FaceTime sex with someone else while you watch to please him, or even something as simple as asking your partner about people they find attractive are all examples of ways to dip your toes into the relationship. Additionally, you'll want to prepare for this significant step thoroughly.


Enjoy Your Date And Tease Him

Keep in mind that you are in charge when out on a date. Have fun and cherish these beautiful moments with your partner and, if he's there, your cuckold. It is impossible to overstate the significance of your dates in the cuckold relationship. It mainly depends on the dates themselves. Enjoy it now, and be ready to recount every detail later. If you're out on a date and your cuckold joins you for dinner, sit next to your partner and across from your cuckold. Make a connection beneath the table. Move your hand up and down the leg of your partner. Suppose the cover will let you poke your head into his crotch. This will spark your wild imagination.


Enjoy Cuckold Porn Together

Watching porn together on Motherless is another simple method to start the cuckold phase in your relationship. This is excellent since you can both genuinely chat about the experience while delving deeper into the fetish together. Choose some cuckold porn that both of you will like. The chance to engage in mutual masturbation is also fantastic. Discuss the experience after you've watched this together for a while. Talk about your favorite things and your least favorite things. Talk about your future goals while, of course, taking modest measures. Alternatively, you might reverse and offer him your head as he reads the book aloud.

Tease Him With Naughty Text To Turn Him On

Sexting all day and sending your lover filthy texts is crucial to a healthy cuckold relationship. Inform him of your desire to mislead him. Tell him, "I'll suck that hard cock," or "How she'll fuck the rest of the date."You shouldn't restrict yourself to messages alone! Send him some explicit images and videos as well. After all, you want to keep your cuck preoccupied with thoughts of you throughout the day! You may even send him to do some nudity with some tits or that eagerly awaiting wet pussy.

In the end, it's fantastic if you want to explore cuckolding with your partner. It can definitely be a fun way to spice up your sex life or experiment. Make your cuckold hubby help you with cleanup once you're done. Talking to him as he cleans you is crucial. Let him know how wonderful the sex was, how happy you are, and how this is now his new position as your cuckold. The following day, discuss what transpired about what was successful and what wasn't. 

Tonight’s Girlfriend Review

We fantasize about getting it on with our favorite pornstars every time we watch some lucky dude fuck them ruthlessly on set. We’ve invariably desired it was us gazing down their eyes as we drill deeper into the most outlying chambers of their ostensibly pulpy pussies. Now picture you had the kind of money to invite them for sex in your hotel room or swanky penthouse! Outlandish, right? Well, the folks on Tonight’s Girlfriend are doing it. They’re paying for a filming session with real-life elite pornstars in their rooms, and you get to watch the exclusive footage of these bastards living your fantasy. Not what you’d hoped this story would lead to, but a fair consolation.


It’s happening, and these good fellas are starring in your fantasy. They’re hiring high-end escorts, and guess who shows up at the door? Yup, the pornstar of your dreams –busty Abella Danger, Kleio Valentein, Lisa Ann of the ‘Best Cumback’ fame, and hot MILF Phoenix Marie, among others. They offer the ultimate girlfriend experience popular with elite escorts, and it’s the best thing you’ll watch in a long time. The action is set in luxurious penthouses and swanky hotel bedrooms just as you’d do it if you had the money to smash Adriana Chechik.

A’right, indulge me some more!


We must admit that although these scenes are probably scripted, it’s a script we’d all want to watch unfold. As of this writing, Tonight’s Girlfriend has well over 600 ultra-high definition, videos featuring some of the industry’s top names getting it on with endowed dudes in hotel rooms for money. It’s purely transactional and perhaps the best sex you’ll catch in a long time. They’re giving these guys their money’s worth and masturbatory-grade porn for the rest of us.


These fellas update their catalog with fresh 4K videos weekly. They have high-quality VR porn, as well, for those looking for an immersive experience. The videos also accompany a sick gallery of juicy lingerie and naked photos of the models that you could jerk off to, especially if you don’t need much aid to get things going with yourself. Tonight’s Girlfriend employs impeccable production quality for all of its videos, you’re assured a thrilling viewing experience.

Site’s Design, Layout & Functionality


Tonight’s Girlfriend is one of those simple but functional pornsites you wish all sites came exactly like it. It looks sharp, and subtly sophisticated, like someone did some remodeling recently. The homepage is neat and easy to jump around. The whole thing comes with a homepage, a Videos page, VR Videos, Models, and an advanced search bar to help you filter through the available options with ease. The website is generally a seamless merge of form and function and every nice thing in between.

If you scroll to the bottom of the homepage, they have a categories page listed alphabetically to help you narrow down your search. Their latest releases sit on the homepage –alluring premium content that would keep you there, you won’t need to search further. If you’re looking for content by specific performers, then the Model’s page will get you there faster, but not as fast as using the search bar.

VR Webcam Sex Is Here, Powered By Stripchat

Since VR became a thing, porn fans have dreamed of having live virtual sex with the help of this new technology. After a couple of years in which VR technology has properly penetrated the porn streaming industry, it started appearing in adult live shows.

StripChat is the first camming platform to implement VR live sex properly. On average, The StripChat VR category offers over 100 models for live experiences directly on the site. You just need a headset or an adaptor for your smartphone, and you will immerse yourself in interactive sex chat sessions with hot and horny models.

The Models Of StripChat Will Be In Your Room

The VR cam girls on StripChat will please your fantasies in the most immersive way possible at this hour. There’s a neat variation of hotties in this category. You will find lovely chicks from all over the world. But most of them are from South America and Eastern Europe. You will also find babes of all ages, from 18-year-old petites to busty MILFs with juicy asses. Even a couple of BBWs are streaming in VR to please your plus-size fantasies. And besides solo girls, you will also find couples for live VR threesomes. You’ll find straight couples for MMF threesomes and lesbian cam models for FFM threesomes. Although most models are pretty glamorous, you will also find some alt-babes who can please your dirtier kinks. Most of the alt-models are dominas, and they will make you feel like a slave. But there are also a couple of submissive girls who can please your dominant urges. 

The Best Kinks To Enjoy In A VR Cam Show

VR cam shows are just as hot and dirty as regular shows, but the headset will make you feel like the model is in your room. However, if you want an even more immersive experience that will make you feel like you are fucking the babes with whom you’re chatting, there are some tricks you can use. The main trick is to have the girls treat the camera as your eyes and perform everything like a POV porn video. 

The models can place the dildo in front of the camera in a way that will make you feel like you are looking down on them as they blow you. They can also place the camera on the bed and ride their dildo while making you feel like they are riding your cock in POV. Putting their tits in front of the camera or spreading their ass close to the lenses to make you feel like the pussy is about to land on your face.

Many Other Interactivity Elements Besides VR

Although the VR feature of the private live sessions with these babes is the most immersive element, many other features make this virtual sex experience feel real. First of all, you can enjoy a private cam2cam show in which the model will be able to see your dick and hear your voice. This will let you easily communicate with the model and let your hands-free so that you can please yourself better. At the same time, all models in the VR cams category of StripChat also have interactive sex toys, which can be activated from your side with the push of a button. You will be able to control the orgasm of a model by sending her vibrations through the internet. If you add a pair of quality over-the-ear headphones to the mix, you will hear the sweet moans of the girls in your ears and down your spine. Immerse yourself in the wonderful world of VR cam sex.

The Most Iconic Petite Porn Stars

If you are into teens, you most likely are into tiny babes with tight pussies and small boobies. And if that’s your cup of tea, we have some tiny teacups that will make you cum. There’s so much content of them out there. Not only are they the most iconic tiny babes, but they are also some of the most legendary adult stars of the past decade. Their best porn pics and videos can be found all over the web. We recommend the following three stars because you’ll easily find free content featuring them in all sorts of crazy sex adventures.

Piper Perri

Piper Perri is the smallest famous porn star. She is barely 4’9’’ tall and weighs only 81 pounds. She became popular overnight once she joined the porn industry back in 2014 at the age of 19. And her massive popularity is because she looks so fragile. Not only that she is tiny, but she is also pale and has a baby face that makes her look so innocent. You wouldn’t say she can even fit a regular dildo in her pussy, let alone take a real man’s dick. But you’ll be surprised to find out that she can even handle BBCs. Seeing this tiny little girl on a big black cock is a sight that will shock you. And you’ll be even more impressed that she enjoys monster cocks. She might scream, but she also cums on the massive dicks on which she gets impaled. Her most iconic scene is a BBC gangbang that was turned into a meme. You’ve surely seen it around the web. It’s the meme of the tiny white girl surrounded by five black men in white shirts. That’s the one and only Piper Perri. And wait until you watch the rest of that gang bang or any of her one-on-one interracial scenes.

Elsa Jean

Elsa Jean is another petite porn star you must check out if you like tiny girls. She joined the industry back in 2015, but she was way more active than Piper Perri. Her filmography features more than 750 scenes. She can also handle big black cocks, and can even do interracial anal scenes. But her popularity stems from her resemblance with Disney’s princess Elsa from Frozen. Not only that she looks like Elsa, but she has the same type of cold-hearted personality. She’s also active as an independent adult model, putting out content on OnlyFans and PornHub, where she gathers millions of views on every upload. 

Kenzie Reeves

Kenzie Reeves is another spinner who has done almost 700 movies since she began her career in 2017. What made her fans fall in love with her is the cute-slutty vibe she has in front of the camera. She has a porny face with seductive eyes and puts on efficient teasing shows before each video that will make you want to fuck her through the screen. She knows how to turn a man on, and maybe that’s why the male stars who perform with her are always fucking her so extra hard. She can take a rough railing, and she has some of the best anal porn scenes out of all petite stars on the internet. She’s also a big-time squirter!


Any of these three petite ladies can please your tiny teen fantasies. Even though they are no longer teens, they’ve done much porn before they turned 21. And they still look young enough to get roles of schoolgirls and stepdaughters. Other honorable mentions of tiny porn stars are Jasmine Grey, Gina Valentina, Emily Willis, and Dolly Little. Search them all and enjoy!

Girls with Filled Juicy Pussies

The spectator is given the impression that pornography is a kind of sexual expression that is liberating and empowering to them as individuals. In spite of the fact that it is thought to be flawed, this is to your advantage! It encourages and enables large numbers of men to indulge in sexual pleasure. Due to the fact that it is such an effective tool, many companies utilize advertising as a means of differentiating themselves from the competition.

Girls with their tight pussy

Girls provide adult customers with private performances through live webcam chats that are broadcasted on their webcams. The finest places to go to discover filthy porn are chat rooms on the internet. Strange conversations between beautiful and adorable girls can be found on the internet. While they are stripping, they make fun of them. They provide the individual with a phoney feeling of fulfilment. These days, sex videos are frequently employed in the act of having sex via the internet. Men find it incredibly attractive when women are young and sexually active. They want those people to yell out their name, act in a provocative manner, and strip naked in front of them. Men, watch out for those people. In addition to that, they get a kick out of ogling the slender boobs of young pussies.

Girls usually make money by charging customers a fee for each minute they spend in private communication where they show their juicy Pussy and Ass. Some Girls require payment through sites like PayPal, while other Girls set up free shows but require viewers to sign up and buy tokens before they're allowed to enter the show.

Most Girls offer nude or sexually-oriented chats, though others may offer more general performances such as dancing or acting out other fantasies for their viewers.

Sex Cam demonstrating the toy in their pussy

On the video call, men are shown dicking it up and showing off their tremendous jerking off. It's a frequent pipe dream for guys to imagine themselves chatting with hot ladies they find online. Orgasms are a source of pleasure for attractive sex cam girls since males insist on them. A few instances of this are Omegle, Camsurf, CamsbyDay, and other well-known websites that allow users to make video calls. There are occasions when something is offered on this page for no cost or at an extremely discounted price. You have the option of focusing your search on a certain region or subject. Conversing, acting immaturely, and having fun are the goals of getting people with similar perspectives together.

Why Is Mature Women Porn So Popular Now

MILF porn is extremely popular and it’s not difficult to understand why. Older women have tons of sexual experience, and they can do things that you never even thought were possible. You can find mature webcams right now and enjoy watching an older woman who can blow your mind. Here’s why!

Older Women love to Teach

One of the most common reasons that mature women porn is so popular is the fact that mature women really love to teach much younger men and women how to feel levels of pleasure that make their entire bodies explode in orgasm. It doesn’t matter if the older woman is fucking a boy or a girl. When you get into a setup were you get to watch an older woman show off her skills you’re going to learn how to feel better than you’ve ever felt in your entire life. That’s why you have to experience it!

Older Latinas are filled with Passion

When you talk about mature MILFs, you also have to talk about the Latina mature cams you could be playing on right now. Latinas are very passionate about sex, and they always have aching pussies that they need to take care of. They’re always horny because older men can’t keep up with their libidos. They need younger men and women to keep up with their pussies and you get to be the person to do it for them. When you play with a mature Latina, you always end up sore at the end of it all.

Younger Girls want to learn

Then there are the younger girls who are all in love with mature MILFs. It’s not just the younger men who are keeping the MILF porn popular. Younger girls are enjoying more sexual freedom than ever before and they’re letting their desire to have sex with older women be known. They get to learn how to pleasure another pussy from a woman who’s been doing it for decades. Any younger girl you see has probably watched MILF porn and given herself an orgasm to the idea of tasting the older woman’s pussy.

Women in Control

If you really want to understand why MILF porn is so popular, then you have to understand that younger men have lots of fantasies of women being in control. That’s because they want someone with lots of experience to take over and force sexual pleasure onto them. When you spend most of your time having to hide your sexual desires, having an older woman force it onto you is enough to make any younger guy blow a load in his pants. The same goes for young girls who have to hide their desires for forsaken lesbian love.

Ego Boosting Love

Then there’s the fact that being able to give a much older woman an orgasm is going to boost your ego more than anything else on the planet. You have to realize that the MILF has done it all, and she needs someone with skills to really make her pussy cum. When you have that level of skill, every orgasm you give her is going to make you feel like you’re on top of the world.

MILFs are Always going to be Popular

No matter what the reason happens to be, MILFs are always going to be extremely popular. There are plenty of reasons for it and you never have to feel like you can’t get it when you want it. MILFs are all around you and you can start playing with them on sex cam right now. Give into your desire and just have a good time with a mature woman!

What is the real face of female sexual pleasure?

Orgasm is a real thing

First time I saw it, I was stunned. This is a real, honest-to-goodness female orgasm captured on video. If you don't believe that Stoya's orgasm was'real', there are many other videos of women who climax. But I digress. My main point is "Holy sh*t! Orgasms that are real!!! "Yeah!" Photographer Lauren Conrad has captured the moment of female sexual gratification in her work Sex News. Check it out. It's really cool.

What is the deal with 'porngasms?'

It's almost impossible for me to watch female orgasms on porn because they never seem real. When women are filmed in porn it is a surreal orgasm. The woman looks stunning, but she seems to be experiencing the best experience of her life. She also feels a little (nice) pain from the guy's huge dick. All the elements are geared towards men. Don't even let me get started about movies.

It is easy to fake an orgasm because men can't tell a difference. When I am with women I often hear them make the same sexy sounds, and this turns me off. Maybe I am being too sensitive. Maybe I'm looking for the real female orgasm. But now I don't have to, because photographer/filmmaker Clayton Cubitt does it in Hysterical Literature.

Book + Orgasms

His films explore "the concept and fatigue of portrait sitters" by asking women to read their favorite books while distracted by a vibration. The women stop when either they are too tired or too distracted. The goal of the show is not to orgasm. However, that does not mean the women do.

It's also great that the length of each video varies - even if each woman has an orgasm! This shows that it's not easy to get a woman to cum, with or without a vibrator. For the men who think that a few seconds of sex is enough to make a woman cum like in those Porn Movies For Women, no.

What are the guys' opinions on this topic? FunnyEpicFailtime has shed some light on this topic.

Each woman has her own unique cum face. Some women smile, others groan. Some laugh loudly. Others look like they are trying to concentrate really hard. All look amazing. It's wonderful to watch them reach their climax. It's so beautiful. I could watch it all day. I would watch that all day. In porn, you rarely see the man climax. You only get the money shot. They climax is what I enjoy watching. It's refreshing to see that we are exploring sexuality slowly.